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Guide for Geometry Dash 1.1

Geometry Dash - r game developers have created an excellent application for the Android system, playing which with the help of a specific square character you will forget about everything in the world. An exciting geometric platform with very complex, demanding and wise levels will not leave any gamer indifferent.

Geometry, as a science, not everyone can fully master. But since its basics are still available for study, you can always try to penetrate deeper into the complexity of geometric concepts. The game controls are very simple, so even a beginner will be able to figure it out and cope with it absolutely on their own. The main character moves by himself, so the player only needs to press the "jump" button when another obstacle appears on the way in the form of shapes – circles, rectangles, etc. Naturally, his reaction to timely keystrokes will need to be trained.

The key advantages of the application are certain features of the game: 1) priority geometric style; 2) original graphics and a calm atmosphere without overstrain; 3) well-chosen musical arrangement; 4) difficulty in passing.


This version also features an exciting and dynamic gameplay that takes place without any freezes at the appropriate speed of the Internet connected to your device.


Its only drawback can be called the speed of passage, because at each new level it becomes faster and faster. But speed can scare only beginners, and gamers with experience, on the contrary, attracts. To prevent the hero from running into spikes or falling into the abyss, you need to make him jump in time by pressing the button at lightning speed, otherwise you will have to start all over again. Sometimes it's annoying, so it's possible to save the completed level in the results table. The main thing is not to forget about it.

There is no need to worry about the cache memory, it will not be loaded with unnecessary garbage. The "Geometry Dash" version is quite compact, small in its volumes and does not collect unnecessary advertising. Do you not know how to test your reaction to the reaction speed? Then you need to download this application to your smartphone and try to pass one level after another at your leisure.

How often will the square have to bounce? Jump is the basic instinct of saving a character, so the "cherished" button will be used quite often – be patient and you will not be bored. The latest version of the game Guide for Geometry Dash download for android.

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