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Open the lock 2.0.11

Open the lock is an Android game for people with dexterous fingers and strong nerves. The main feature of visual performance is minimalism. Graphics in the now popular material style. All that is on the screen is a lock that the player needs to crack. At the first levels, hacking occurs quite simply and does not cause any special problems, but then the complexity increases significantly. It will take both ingenuity, and dexterity and speed of hands, and luck. Difficulties can be felt already from the tenth level, and then there is a serious excitement.

By its playability, the game resembles the sensational "Floppy Bird" - the user either plays it for hours, or deletes it after the first level. I am glad that there are many times more of the first ones. Open Lock is a vivid example of an ideal timekiller. It requires attention, extreme concentration and kills time at a tremendous pace.


  • Highest playability;
  • Lots of levels;
  • Simplicity of visual design and the gameplay itself;
  • Easy to install and light weight;
  • Work on almost all possible Android gadgets;



  • A small, but still present advertising banner;
  • A certain monotony of gaming;
  • There is no social link;
  • Sometimes, at high levels of difficulty, "friezes" are observed.


The game turned out to be excellent and its small shortcomings do not at all underestimate the huge advantages. It will not be at all surprising if after some time it "develops" and becomes wildly popular with most users of Android devices. Try to play – the project is addictive with incredible force. The latest version of the arcade Open the lock download for android.

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  • Game version: 2.0.11
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  • Game version: 1.4.2
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