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Shadow Fighter: Destiny 1.8

SHADOW Fight For Your Destiny is an application for portable electronic devices running on Android. The number of its users is growing every day and it's all the fault of the addictive gameplay, colorful design and extremely simple controls. The character is a professional warrior who knows all the secrets of martial arts.


The name of the game is consonant with the name of the popular fighting game - "Shadow Fight", but the gameplay of these Android apps is different. In the Shadow Fight For Your Destiny application, the hero of the game moves through the levels, tries to escape from the opponents on the way, uses acrobatic tricks for this and simultaneously collects game coins. In general, this is a classic platformer filled with dynamic events and adventures.


The novelty will appeal to speed lovers, adventure fans and will be an excellent companion on the road and at home, because it is designed for mobile devices, which means it will always be at hand. The gameplay contains more than a hundred levels with lots of platforms, enemies and lots of coins. The money earned can eventually be spent on improving the character's arsenal and thus facilitate further passage.


For variety and users with different levels of training, the developers have created three modes. For beginners, the "Beginning" mode is most suitable, in which you can get the first lessons and master character control. Most users will appreciate the "Evolution" mode and already very advanced players will be able to show their skills in the "Experience" mode.


The toy takes up very little space in the memory of the mobile device and will work stably even on "old" models. An even simpler download of the game can be done if you pre-load the cache of the game into the memory of a PC or laptop and then move it to the appropriate folder in the memory of a tablet or smartphone. How to play? - Just move your finger on the touch screen and help the ninja warrior move in the right direction.


Overcome more than a hundred game levels, guide the game character through numerous levels, collect game coins, make dizzying jumps and avoid encounters with opponents. Get an unforgettable impression of the gameplay and have an interesting time. The latest version of the game Shadow Fighter: Destiny download for android.

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