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360 Degree 3.5.1

360 Degree is a colorful modern arcade game that will help you have an exciting time. The application is developed for the Android operating system. In terms of game mechanics, it most strongly resembles the classic arcade games of the past. This fact will definitely appeal to fans of such games.

360 degrees is fun and addictive — it will suit absolutely any player. In this arcade game, the user will have to control a compass, inside of which there is a glass ball. There are tons of levels available, which become more and more difficult. A variety of bonuses appear on the screen, necessary for progress and rows of spikes that are worth dodging.


In order to score the maximum number of points, the player will have to use all his attentiveness and reaction speed. The game is incredibly addictive — it's almost impossible to break away. The reason is the excellent and balanced gameplay and nice graphics.


There is a unique opportunity to customize the application for yourself! The player can choose a variety of types of balls, change their color or size. Rubies appear periodically on the playing field, which give certain bonuses. You can also pick up a shield - it helps in the fight against thorns.



· Different levels with different compass shapes.

· Difficulty increases with each level.

· Collect rubies to customize the ball.

· Collect diamonds to get points.

· Collect shields to protect against spikes.

· Colorful and interesting design.

· Smooth and precise movements.


The interface of the game is very fresh and interesting, but intuitive. Installation takes place in one click and does not require any additional actions. In general, a great game for reaction speed and a merciless timekiller. The latest version of the shooting game 360 Degree download for android.

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