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Guide: GTA San Andreas 1.4

Guide: GTA San Andreas is an android application that will help you in passing the original game. The original Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released quite a long time ago, but still does not lose its relevance. Her fans are thousands of video game lovers around the world. Such popularity is quite understandable — the project is of stunning quality, with an excellent plot and versions for almost all known platforms (even PSP have not forgotten!) just doomed to success.

If you also like the open world of GTA, then the application Guide for GTA San Andreas will come in handy. Many players immediately, or after many hours of play, begin to perform in-game tasks. Often this process is very delayed and brings less and less pleasure. It is in order to avoid this that we created this android application.


Program features

Here, on the screen of your phone or tablet, you can learn more about the GTA world, get acquainted with all the tasks and missions, read tips on how to complete them. The application is filled with a lot of screenshots for a more accurate description. Now the missions will be much easier to complete, but no less exciting!


The program has a nice interface and rich functionality, which helps a lot in navigating missions.


Main features:

· Search for a specific task (with a description of its completion);

· Navigation through the territory (the mode shows possible missions at a given location, features of locations and related tips);

· The ability to add a passing tip to a bookmark to come back later.

Overall impression of the program


The program is very easy to use. The interface is friendly and will cause a storm of pleasant feelings among fans of the franchise. Installation takes place in one click without any difficulties. There are no cheat codes for any of the original game's portings in the game! Only tips and features of completing missions!

High-quality search implementation, really good tips and the ability to quickly return to selected missions makes this application one of the best of its kind. The latest version of the game Guide: GTA San Andreas download for android.

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