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Mod GTA for Minecraft PE 1.0

Mod GTA for Minecraft PE is a successful symbiosis of two top games of our time. Now on the Android platform there is a global mod for the most popular indie project of the twenty-first century, which will allow you to combine Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft on the screen of your gadget and get an unforgettable experience.


What we have been waiting for for a long time

The game is perfect for fans of both franchises. Moreover, even if you have never played GTA or Minecraft before, you can get a unique experience — feel the full charm of freedom in the open world and delight your eye with pixel graphics inherent in Minecraft.


Plot and modes

GTA mod for Minecraft PE has two modes:

2. Multiplayer.


In single player, the player will have to complete missions and enjoy the freedom of action in the open world, which now combines the best of both projects. You will have cold and firearms, problems with the police and the ability to control equipment. It's still Minecraft with its original graphics and design, but the gameplay is identical to that of Grand Theft Auto.


In multiplayer, there is an opportunity to play with friends on game servers. It is worth noting separately that all mods and plugins are already pre-installed on the game server for the team game, which greatly simplifies the process. For the convenience of fans of online games, players are divided into three factions.



The gameplay will completely transfer to the world of GTA, where there is an opportunity to play for different characters of the original game. Supported locations are GTA V and GTA San Andreas. Added original skins, maps and weapons. It is possible to complete missions in the same way as in the original.


Downloading and installing the mod takes record little time due to excellent optimization. The add-on is simple and intuitive. It will definitely appeal to gamers of all ages, fans of the original Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft, or those who would like to get something new and interesting from them. The latest version of the game Mod GTA for Minecraft PE download for android.

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