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Guide for Subway Surfers 1.0

Guide All for Subway Surfers is an application for the Subway Surfers game popular among owners of Android devices. By launching the application, the user will find detailed instructions for completing game levels, tell about secrets, hidden levels, give advice and provide a lot of other useful information.


The Guid All Four Subway Surfes program is designed for both novice gamers and real platformer fans. For those who are not familiar with the game yet, we will pass on the gameplay features. The hero is constantly moving forward and running away from the traffic police inspector. The character's path is laid along the railway track with many obstacles, barriers and trains.


The character dodges trains, jumps over obstacles, dives under the barriers and collects game coins and periodically occurring bonuses along the way. The more the hero moves through the level, the higher the speed of movement. It is impossible to stop because in this case the character immediately falls into the hands of the pursuers.


Installing the program is a simple process, accessible to users with any level of training. The program management interface is also extremely simple and logically clear. The eye-pleasing design and large, easy-to-read fonts are used, which undoubtedly increases the comfort when working with the application.


The information is divided into groups that contain useful content for the gamer describing all the currently existing options and modifications of the platformer. To install, it is enough to copy the application to the memory of the mobile device. In addition, you can use a personal computer or laptop when downloading.


What is a magnet for in the game? - In order to attract coins at a distance. What are super sneakers? - This is a bonus item with which the character can make giant jumps and jump over oncoming trains. The latest version of the game Guide for Subway Surfers download for android.

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