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Wikia: Mortal Kombat 2.9.8

Anonymous: Mortal Kombat is a mobile version for the game on smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system. It belongs to the genre of "fighting game", has already managed to move from 2D graphics to more advanced 3D graphics.


The main character is a true legend in the world of video games played by the most experienced gamers in all corners of the planet. Computer fights, new tournaments, attacks on enemy forces, saving the globe from being captured by dark forces – you can become one of the most legendary fighters by controlling your character. What could be more interesting and exciting?!


Plot advantages of the application:

1. the user resides in a virtual universe, which is divided into levels of passage;

2. for the convenience of deadly tournaments, special keys are built in, located on the screen;

3. having thrown off the "destructive power", the player receives recognition, which is accompanied by a musically designed video.


The disadvantages include the fact that graphic visual effects are not correctly fixed, which sometimes start to twitch right on the screen of an Android device, which prevents the gamer from passing levels. Also, due to excessive cruelty in the game, it is not recommended to play it for children and adolescents who have not reached the age of majority.


The developers have added several new elements to the gameplay, due to which the cache has become more heavy. Therefore, for the convenience of using the game, you need to save it in the appropriate device folder /apps/cache/.


How to inflict the most damage to your opponent? The "Combo" key should appear on the screen, pressing which will allow you to hit the enemy in a jump. He will become more vulnerable, because the force of such a blow is not just spectacular, but also much more effective than blows from the spot due to a push. The latest version of the game Wikia: Mortal Kombat download for android.

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