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Ninja Subway Surfer Run 2.0

"Ninja Subway Surfer Jump" is a new colorful and exciting jumping game for tablets and smartphones on the Android system. A high-speed race for bonuses located right on the running road, which is constantly accelerating, so you need to have time to collect them all.


The player's character is a cartoon hero ninja boy who, overcoming many obstacles on his way from different sides – fences, buildings, pits, bushes, playgrounds, etc., collects bonuses. The road is not easy, so you need to have time to press the "jump" keys and others in order not only to dodge or jump over various objects rolling from all sides in time, but also to protect yourself from animals that can unexpectedly attack from any side.


The advantages of this game include some of its features: 1) good 3D graphics and pleasant musical accompaniment against the background of exciting animation; 2) various types of ninja heroes that the player can choose independently; 3) a large number of various obstacles on the way - interesting and sometimes very funny; 4) the ability to collect bonuses in the form of bright chips.


The disadvantage in the game is the fact that the running road is constantly accelerating, thereby increasing the difficulty of collecting all the bonuses that are scattered on the hero's path on the left and on the right side. Because of this acceleration, it is difficult to jump up in time so as not to lose the collected chips and not stumble into obstacles, otherwise you will have to pass the level again.


Also, due to the increase in speed, the game may sometimes freeze. Therefore, it is important to correctly install it on your Android device in the appropriate folder /apps/cache/, where the entire cache will be placed.


How to play "Ninja Subway Surfer Run"? It's very simple:

  • pull to the side to move to the right or left;
  • pull up to jump;
  • click to make a throw.
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Features: 3D

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