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Cheats for GTA San Andreas

Cheats for JTA SA is one of the most versatile applications already with selected codes, developed for tablets and smartphones with Android system. You can now enter any such code both during the game process and when the player presses the corresponding "pause" button on the screen. To enter them correctly, you need to switch to the English language panel.


The main character performs a number of actions that are related to the criminal world. Therefore, the player should familiarize himself with all the codes: for weapons, search, cars, other equipment. Although the developers themselves believe that without cheats, playing such a toy will be much more interesting and exciting even for beginners.


The main advantages of the application and its application:

  1. infinite money limit;
  2. an inexhaustible number of cartridges;
  3. cheats for cars;
  4. the immortality of the main character;
  5. teleportation to any city in the USA.


The only unpleasant moment is that a player who does not have a minimum amount of knowledge in English will not immediately be able to figure out how to use such a version of the program, as, indeed, in the toy itself.


If this version of the application will not run, then you should reconfigure it and put it in the appropriate cache folder of your device. The cache memory will not take up a lot of free megabytes. What should I do if there is no previously installed English keyboard on the Android device? An alternative option is to install a virtual additional keyboard.

Which function is most required in this program? Without a check mark in the modification save slot, the player should not duplicate his saves in order to use them later in the game. Otherwise, they will not be saved. The latest version of the game Cheats for GTA San Andreas download for android.

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