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Talking Volume 2 4.9

Talking Volume 2 is an interlocutor in Andorida, a personal, intelligent cat, comically duplicating what was said, reacting to touch. Fluffy then patiently protects the crumbs of the owner's attention, then requires communication. A distant descendant of the Tamagotchi animates and animates the smartphone.

List of actions

  • Grab the tail, push or stroke. Each gesture entails a different reaction.
  • Ask me to repeat the phrase (allow me to use the microphone). Publish special audio samples.
  • Save or post a video session of communication online.
  • Treat fluffy with milk.


The register of actions and reactions is diverse – get to know your friend better! Rumbling after petting, unexpected scratching of the screen "from the inside", throwing a cake, indecent antics fill the digital life of the meow. Don't bring new habits into reality! Cats do not repeat words, they scratch for real and others will not understand.


Have a chat with the moustached purr – he is an extremely reasonable interlocutor. Undoubtedly well-read, witty. Does not chatter when the owner is silent. How else, its function is a funny repetition of what you heard!


The mischievous cat and chatterbox has settled on a variety of mobile devices. Find an impressive video, repeat the tricks with your pet! And, having created more original escapades, share your find with the cat breeders! The latest version of the game Talking Volume 2 download for android.

Features: Online HD Cool

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