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Calc of Clans 2.0.16

Calc of Clans is a unique Android application for managing your city in the famous Clash of Clans. It will be useful to anyone who has already fallen in love or just wants to start playing Clans.


The program is a well-animated and optimized product designed to help the player in the original game. With this tool, it will become more thoughtful and the user will be able to more thoroughly study and prepare an upgrade strategy for future buildings and troops.


In this program, the player can "monitor" the state of troops and buildings in Clash of Clans in real time. Also, the Clan Calculator allows you to accurately calculate the time needed to improve to the next level, tell you the amount of gold needed for this, build new buildings in the town.


With this app, upgrading becomes easy and fast. In just a few clicks, the user can view the statistics and parameters of their city and implement their improvements. The colorful interface will help you quickly navigate the game, because the same textures are applied and the user will immediately see the final result of the upgrade.


An excellent program that really simplifies the life of gamers from the Battle of Clans. Wide functionality, one-click installation and familiar graphics are a "must have" for everyone who has the original game installed. The latest version of the strategy Calc of Clans download for android.

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  • Game version: 2.0.16
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  • Game version: 2.0.16
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