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Clash Gem Calculator 1.6.1

Clash Gem Calculator is an Android application designed to make it much easier for the user to make decisions in the legendary Clash of Clans. It is highly recommended to download if you play Clans. If not, then it's better to download it right along with the game — it will come in handy.


The main task of the player in Clash of Clans is to build his city, create a clan based on it, become the richest and most powerful. You need to defend your buildings, get resources, you can attack other players. The game quickly gained huge popularity as the next step in the evolution of the "Farm"


with a more masculine approach to gameplay. The visual approach is most reminiscent of the old Warcraft.


Klash Gem Calculator is an excellent calculator that does not take up much space and will help in the gameplay. Very often in "Clans" you need to know the cost of elixirs, money (gold) or time in the game. Now it will always be clear how many crystals (Gems) this or that thing will cost.


Using the program is incredibly simple — enter the amount of materials (for example, elixir), and the application will immediately give an answer. It is very convenient to create your own strategy for fighting and building in the original Battle of Clans. Now it is much easier for players to predict their actions and expenses.


The installation is simple and will not cause any difficulties.


The program is highly recommended to all players in Clash of Clans. It has a lot of advantages and is not cheating (cheating), but simply visually represents the cost of some game items. The latest version of the strategy Clash Gem Calculator download for android.

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