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Guide Mortal Kombat X 1.0

Guide Mortal Kombat X is an Android program for all fans of Deadly Battle. It contains a lot of tips for a more exciting gameplay.


Mortal Kombat is one of the most beloved projects by gamers. The cult games of the series still sell huge copies to this day. The Mortal Kombat X version was no exception – it was ported to all possible platforms, thousands of gigabytes of amateur videos and reviews were shot on it.


Guide for Mortal Kombat X is a unique application that is designed to help players make battles more spectacular. The program contains all the fatalities and brutalities for all fighters of the MK universe. Each description is supported by tips and screenshots.


The program contains information about the special movements of Mortal Kombat X on platforms:

  • X-box one;
  • X-box 360;
  • Play Station 3;
  • Play Station 4.


The advantage of the guide is that many movements open as the previous ones are used, which adds interactivity to the use of the program. Now you can not remember tedious combinations of movements and replay the round for the sake of a colorful ending, because with this application all the necessary information is always at hand - on the screen of a mobile device.


Installation is done in one click, no special settings are required. The menu is intuitive, the descriptions are full and colorful.


This android application is not a guide for passing the game or cheating (cheating)! Only the game combinations of brutality and fatality of the MK universe players are collected here. Sincerely recommended for download to all fans of the original franchise. The latest version of the game Guide Mortal Kombat X download for android.

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