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Wikia: Clash of Clans 2.9.8

Wikia: Clash of Clans is just a storehouse of knowledge for all players in Clan Battles. The application is developed for the Android operating system. The program will tell you the strategies of the game, the features of units, spells, buildings, and the financial system. The manual consists of hundreds of pages of information. Thanks to the colorful menu, it is very easy to find specific materials and the navigation itself causes only positive impressions.

Each article is accompanied by general descriptions, tips, guides and tricks. They are illustrated with lots of screenshots or videos. Information in Wikia: Clash of Clans is constantly updated along with the development of the game – so the user will always have the latest information about events and changes in the game.


This is not a commercial project, it was created by amateur enthusiasts, so everyone can offer something new. In the "Cooperation" section, you can make your comments and suggestions, add useful information.



  • Cooperation;
  • Search for Wiki articles on a specific topic;
  • Convenient in-app search;
  • Sorting by categories and trends of articles;
  • Flexible configuration;
  • A huge amount of always up-to-date information.


The application is easy to customize for yourself. The user can change the font, the layout of the program and other parameters in a special menu. Installation is done in one click. You don't have to have superuser rights. Recommended for installation to anyone who plays Clash of Clans. With this application, the player will be able to make faster progress and simplify the gameplay – as a result, the game will become more dynamic and exciting. The latest version of the strategy Wikia: Clash of Clans download for android.

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  • Game version: 2.9.8
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  • Game version: 2.7
  • Downloaded: 1074
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  • Game version: 2.2
  • Downloaded: 1572
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