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Subway Castle Surfers 1.0.0

Subway Castle Surfers – dynamic adventures for Android! John's epic continued in ancient ruins full of ancient artifacts, mystical enemies and traps. The mobile kid ran millions of kilometers, collecting piles of gold on the gadgets of arcade fans. And now – a new series!


What awaits John?

  • Collecting artifacts. It's not easy to score 8 full-weight golden skulls!
  • A cave with traps.
  • A huge opponent is a moving stone chasing a boy.
  • More than a hundred levels.
  • And eternal rounds of coins!


The dynamics of running, avoiding traps, collecting prizes and the enemy behind your back – the recipe for a cool shake-up has been tested! Have your friends been in the top for a long time? You are the boulder that chases the lucky runners, shake them out of the rankings. Go around them, explore the castle secrets, find bonuses and antiquities in the corners! The latest version of the arcade Subway Castle Surfers download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.0.0
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