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GTA San Andreas Codes 5

GTA San Andreas codes is an excellent collection for android CJ gamblers. A popular selection for a super popular series, test the playability for strength! A raid on a tank, the destruction of the pursuit mark (asterisk) by the cops, instant receipt of a cool (amateur / psycho / professional) set of weapons! And other buns.


To cheat against a fellow player, gaining an advantage by the ignoble method is a moveton. But to go through the back streets of San Andreas, without bombing for bucks, without looking for secrets, is also fascinating. Confrontation with a GAME, not a person! it's not reprehensible in any way. But fun.


The big carnage: the extras are being hacked with golf clubs, the total falling for you of all the game girls, the choice of ANY car is not a complete list of possibilities.



  • Modesty to disk space.
  • Nice graphics.
  • Russian-speaking.
  • Does not require an Internet connection.
  • Stable operation.


In addition to the free arsenal and cars, we choose the appearance of the hero, the weather, the time of day, gameplay features, for example, elusiveness. The latest version of the game GTA San Andreas Codes download for android.

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