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Angry Shark Simulator 3D 1.6

Angry Shark Simulator 3D is a shark simulator on the screen of an Android tablet or phone. Feel like the king of the sea and the perfect killing machine! From the first seconds, the game amazes with the indescribable brightness of colors and the quality of graphics. The simple menu seems practical and very clear. The animation is at its height, it is fast and smooth at the same time.

In "Angri Shark Simulator 3D" the player plays a shark in a tropical sea. Picturesque beaches, yachts and ships, palm trees and tourists perfectly convey the atmosphere of a summer holiday. You need to destroy this idyll, because the shark is hungry and does not eat plankton.


Constantly feed your beast, and it will grow. If the predator is hungry for a long time or gets injured, it may die. You can hunt for fish in the depths of the ocean or tourists – the player chooses which is more fun.



  • More than 30 exciting missions;
  • Bosses are monsters from the depths of the ocean;
  • Excellent 3D graphics;
  • Thoughtful physics of shark movements and its interaction with water.


A great game that will not let any user of the "green robot" get bored. Gorgeous graphics and interesting gameplay make the app one of the best timekillers. The game is easy to install and in the very process of gaming. Its only drawback may be incorrect operation on very weak devices. The latest version of the shooting game Angry Shark Simulator 3D download for android.

Features: 3D

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