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GUARDIANS OF THE SKIES is a great fly simulator for Android devices. The game turns the user into an Indian Air Force pilot. The game screen is surprisingly pleasant and not filled with anything superfluous – now you can concentrate on aerobatics. The flight process is incredibly realistic, in other respects, as well as the physics of the game and models of equipment. The graphics level is excellent.

There are two modes in the prog: single and multiplayer. In the first, the player will have to complete many interesting and dangerous tasks. Battles unfold with both air and ground opponents. In multiplayer mode, you can compete with friends on a variety of landscapes, completing missions or fighting among themselves.



  • Lots of equipment;
  • High detail of aircraft and their characteristics;
  • Maximum realism in battles;
  • Missions increase the skill of the game;
  • Lots of levels;
  • The ability to play with friends over a local WiFi network;
  • Fights with different types of opponents;
  • Optimized for weak devices.


A great project that will appeal to many. It is addictive and captivating from the first to the last minute. It was not for nothing that the Defenders of Heaven was named the best Indian project of 2014.


The installation is standard and is performed in a few moments. No settings are required. The game is complex and colorful, but it is very unpretentious to the resources of the gadget. The latest version of the game GUARDIANS OF THE SKIES download for android.

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