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Skins for 1.0

Skins for Agario in Android represent the gamer's persona, his nickname. Ordinary standard drawings are the lot of particularly sophisticated individuals or beginners. Standing out from the host of the second, not belonging to the first, many diversify the virtual appearance.


It will seem to a beginner that many people independently paint game images. No, it's not available yet. To replace the trivial nickname ball registered in the Nick field is simple, the techniques are known:

  • Stalin – mustache has grown,
  • Cia makes sharik a bespectacled man,
  • The name of the country (in English) adds the flag of the state.


The impersonal world of bacteria, virtualized by a programmer, has become popular and diverse! The flag generally turns the microorganism into a diplomatic representative in the microcosm. There are curious exceptions: some nicknames are not displayed in individual countries.


With the new collection, there is no need to look for skins, they are not covered, original. Applications are autonomous, universal, convenient. The collection diversifies the game in . The latest version of the game Skins for download for android.

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