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SkyBlock : Survival Craft 4.2

SkyBlock: Survival Craft follows in the footsteps of the android franchise, positioning "voxel sandbox in survival mode". Creative Minecraft survival gaming attracts with its idea and implementation, atmosphere and process. Construction, battles, weapons, dangers – all in one bottle.


Minecraft recreation is a special kind of activity, the brains do not relax! The novelty, SB:SC is distinguished by:

  • Improving physics,
  • Implementation of a new crafting,
  • Monster Park,
  • Original textures of the "Middle Ages",
  • Weather phenomena,
  • New inventory.
  • Crafts and transport, boat and plane are available.


The advanced engine allows you to deeply combine materials to explore the perfect weapons, vehicles. The raft was recently the pinnacle of creativity, now a boat with a motor drives up to the plane! Pleing is accompanied by precipitation, the sun is shaded by a cloud, snowfall covers familiar textures. The latest version of the shooting game SkyBlock : Survival Craft download for android.

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  • Game version: 4.2
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  • Game version: 2.2
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