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Moves for Mortal Kombat X 4.2

Moves for Mortal Kombat X for Android – this application will help you learn about all the incidents, moves in your favorite game Mortal Kombat. You will no longer need to stop the game, distract from the pleasant process, in order to get some information. Playing online you will be able to evaluate the advantages of this program, enjoy its convenience and informativeness. There are no analogues among the programs for this game, that is, it is unique.



  • opens a list of moves and events, and also shows who died;
  • you don't have to pause the game every time you want to get information about everything that is happening in the game world;
  • added all the movements, steps, cruelty of each character.


Moves for Mortal Kombat X will appeal to gamers who prefer to play in real time. The application may not be useful for you if you do not speak English, since there is no Russian in it. However, having a dictionary and some gaming experience at hand, you can easily understand all the nuances of use.


When you install the program on your Android, it is better to download the file to your computer first, and then transfer it to your tablet or phone for further installation.


Questions that users have

The application does not provide information on all fighters. What am I doing wrong?

  • Indeed, there is still such a drawback and developers are actively working to eliminate this gap.
  • The latest version of the game Moves for Mortal Kombat X download for android.
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