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Escape the Room Plague 1.2

Escape the Room Plague on Android is an interesting game that presents itself as a search for the right details in a huge maze. In general, this is an excellent runner based on the new film. The game developers were able to convey in great detail the whole atmosphere from the recently released movie and embody it in a game for mobile phones and tablets. From time to time, in small groups, you will move through a large maze with the rest of the participants in this game. The most unexpected dangers will make you run away from fear as quickly as possible.


To find a way out of a big trap, you will need to spend a lot of time for this. You will need to be patient when you complete each task.


The most important goal for you will be to run, jumping over jumps and various pits that can lead you astray or send you in the other direction. The main task is not to get lost in a huge maze, the only way you can find your way out. The main feature of this toy is its dynamics, the developers have managed to optimize all the mechanics of the game at the highest level.


There is an Escape Room for Android in the toy:

  • Interesting plot;
  • Live graphics;
  • Simple operation.


For a certain period of time allotted to you, you will have to overcome a certain distance. On your way you will meet various hints. For each round, you will be awarded coins for which you can improve your character and purchase all kinds of bonuses for further passage, such as magnets or energy. It will be especially difficult to escape through the ruins of ancient temples, as the most insidious dangers and traps will await us here. For fans of non-standard runners, the choice of this game will be the optimal solution for a fun pastime. The latest version of the casual game Escape the Room Plague download for android.

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