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Speed Traffic Racer 1.7

Speed Traffic Racer is a game application created specifically for Android devices. The game is a racing arcade simulator in which the user expects really exciting events. The Speed Traffic Racer differs from other representatives of the genre in simpler gameplay, high-quality graphics, excellent voice acting and is less demanding of the resources of a tablet or smartphone.


There is no storyline, and it is not needed. You have to choose from the six presented wheelbarrows the one you like the most and go on this "steel horse" on the road. On the way, it is necessary to avoid meetings with other representatives of road traffic, try not to get into an accident and accelerate to maximum speed. The faster you drive, the more experience points you get!


The player can choose a career as a racer or a policeman. The features of the gameplay depend on this choice. Becoming a racer you have to avoid police chases. In the second case, on the contrary, the main task of the user is to overtake the violator.



  • There are six models of cars available for management.
  • Diverse road traffic (buses, trucks, police and so on).
  • Realistic change of day and night time.
  • The ability to change the camera view.


The control interface is very simple and intuitive for any user. In order to steer the car in the right direction, it is enough to tilt the Android device into it or press the corresponding button on the touch screen. While driving, do not forget to monitor the situation behind the vehicle, do not miss the appearance of a police patrol in sight!


Hurry up to download the app and become the real king of the highway! The latest version of the racing game Speed Traffic Racer download for android.

Features: 3D G-sensor

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