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Fast Traffic Racer 3D 1.3

Fast Traffic Racer 3D is a new game in the spirit of attention-grabbing, endless racing on cool cars. The application is designed for happy owners of tablet computers, smartphones running on the Android OS family. In comparison with competing racing arcades, Fast Traffic Racer 3D presents users with even greater realism of the events taking place, simpler controls and an exciting gameplay.


There is no game plot as such, but it is simply not needed here. All that is required of the gamer is to choose a car suitable for the parameters and rush forward along an endless highway avoiding collisions with trucks and cars. The application boasts highly detailed, beautifully designed 3D graphics, realistic physics of transport behavior on the road, a large selection of vehicles.


The gameplay is simple and intuitive. To control it, it is enough to tilt the Android device in the direction in which you want to turn the steering wheel. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. The game will appeal to fans of arcade car racing who prefer to play applications with high realism, gamers who want to have fun, just want to have fun and pass the time.


Join the huge army of users who have already appreciated the arcade, choose a "steel horse" to your taste and color, get behind the wheel and rush only forward. Remember that the faster you drive, the more points you will get in the end! Become a real king of the roads. The latest version of the racing game Fast Traffic Racer 3D download for android.

Features: 3D

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