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Survivalcraft: Minebuild World 1.0.0

Survivalcraft Minebuild World is a game application that will appeal to Minecraft fans. It is created for owners of Android devices and will delight the user wherever he is: at school, at home, on the road. Unlike similar programs, Survival Craft Minibuild World presents the best modifications of the "Survival" mode.


In the game, as already mentioned above, all the most interesting things are presented. A huge number of predatory animals, vampires, zombies, rodents. All these opponents will confront the game character and carry a constant threat. The developers have created a new storyline for the construction of shelters and from now on the user can compete with friends in the speed of building unique huts!



  • A detailed study of the final generation of the world, which contains unique locations (tropics, caves, mountains and even snow-covered Siberian plains).
  • The game contains the most dangerous zombies and predators, which makes the gameplay even more interesting.
  • The process of changing the time of day and night has been worked out in detail.
  • The gameplay features new sets of blocks, equipment, weapons.


The application will appeal to players for whom the gameplay itself is more important than its graphical component, gamers who like to conduct experiments, fans of adventures and open game worlds. How to make an oven? - Place eight cobblestones on the workbench, leaving a free space in the middle.


How do I make a map? - Place a compass in the center of the workbench, spread out eight sheets of paper along the edges. To create a fishing rod, you need to place three sticks diagonally on the workbench, place two threads in the right vertical column. Play, experiment, build anything, have fun! The latest version of the arcade Survivalcraft: Minebuild World download for android.

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