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    Oleg Malevsky
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Bacteria World: Agar 3.1.9

Bacteria World Agar is a fascinating, colorful application that will not leave any owner of an Android device indifferent. This program is somewhat similar to Dot Muncher or Osmos, but stands out with a higher-quality graphic design and significantly expanded features. The World Agar bacterium is just what you need for an interesting time!


The task facing the user is quite simple. The main character becomes a small bacterium and it needs to be grown to gigantic size. To do this, it is necessary to absorb weaker cells, thus increasing the size of your "ward".


In the world to which the storyline of the owner of a tablet computer or smartphone transfers, there are no laws and the strongest survives here. Control your "ward", move around locations, absorb smaller bacteria and avoid encounters with a more powerful opponent. Caution and attention are the key to success. The application will appeal to fans of strategies, online meetings with real rivals and just those who want to have fun.


How to control a game character in this Android app? - Use the left joystick to move, double-tap the screen to attack the enemy. Set records, absorb rivals, become the real master of the game Universe! The latest version of the arcade Bacteria World: Agar download for android.

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