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Universe Pandemic Multiplayer

Universe Pandemic is an exciting game for Android devices. Here you have to perform an unusual role. Away with missions aimed at saving humanity. In the Pandemic Universe, you have to create and modify your own viruses and destroy entire planets with their help.


The toy boasts better graphics and a thoughtful interface to its competitors. The management is so simple that it does not require any special knowledge of programming and electronic technology from the user of the application. You are assigned the role of the commander of an alien fleet, who is tasked with capturing the universe.


You will not have to fight your opponents with bombs, rockets, cannons and machine guns. There are much more effective weapons - viruses! You have to create them, improve them, spread them over the attacked territory, destroy cities and planets. The gameplay features six planets on which the main events will unfold, there are buttons to accelerate or slow down the gameplay, the ability to automatically save.


The application will appeal to owners of Android devices who like strategy games, fans of unusual game plots and other users. The game is with a cache and therefore, when installing it, you need to follow a certain procedure. How do I install the app? - The easiest way to do this is via Wi-Fi.


To do this, download the ".apk" file, then install the game on your tablet or smartphone. After the installation process is complete, you need to launch the application and allow it to download the cache using a Wi-Fi connection. Become a real conqueror, conquer all the planets of the game universe! The latest version of the game Universe Pandemic Multiplayer download for android.

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