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Goat Simulator Free 1.15

Goat Simulator Free for Android is a high-quality story simulator for your mobile device. No one has ever created a similar game that has plausible physics. After this application appeared on the PC, a year later she moved to mobile phones and tablets. It's full of chaos and entertainment. The main character of the game will be a big goat with very long ears. The game has very beautiful graphics and attractive physics.


In the Koat simulator for Android you will:

  • move around the city;
  • intimidate local details with your horns;
  • climb any town like a huge boulder with tango and other exotic dances.


It is worth remembering that the game has a wide selection of different achievements that you will unlock round after round until they run out. There are a lot of interesting locations in this game, each of which will be different from each other.


Interesting parties will be held on the roof of each house, there will be dancing and dancing everywhere in the city, you will be the cause of all this violence. Since your goat will change into different costumes, the developers have made a store where clothes for the goat are presented, which you can visit at any time, as long as you have funds or bonus points on your account that will fall out for each completed task. There may also be some shortcomings in this entertainment, such as annoying sound or pixels in the graphics, but this should not scare away true fans of the city simulator that they will be happy to fight. The latest version of the game Goat Simulator Free download for android.

Features: 3D

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