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Real Steel World Robot Boxing 19.19.482

Real Steel World Robot Boxing on Android is an attractive boxing simulator, each user will need to take control of a professional athlete. The game includes not only constant fights that take place in the center of the ring, but also various competitions. The training mode is also available in the game. With it, you can practice performing various actions and feel more confident in controlling the character. After training, mono will start online battles with real rivals.


Control in Real Steel World Robot Boxing for Android is performed using an accelerometer and taps on the screen. The up and down keys will be responsible for the jump and squat of the fighter, and the left and right keys will help you dodge the enemy's blow.


Here you can:

  • maneuver in the ring;
  • conduct combinations of strikes;
  • win titles;
  • fight online with other players.


If you hold your finger at one point of the screen for a few seconds, you can make a strong hook to hit your opponent with one blow. The game has attractive 3D graphics and an interesting gameplay.


Boxers carry out all the techniques quite realistically, it will seem to you, whether you really are a great boxer who needs to hold a couple of uppercuts over his opponent. Download Punch Boxing for Android for free you can on our Internet resource. In each battle, you will be able to dodge the enemy's blow and make counterattacks at the same moment. Each fighter in the game has two main resources. This is endurance and health reserve. The first one affects the strength of your punch and the duration of the fight, the second indicator restores your strength after each knockout that you have to miss. Knockout is possible only when the strip with your health is over. Despite all these indicators, the health resource will be restored with the expiration of time. The latest version of the sports game Real Steel World Robot Boxing download for android.

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