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World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz on Android is an interesting war game for your mobile devices. You will play as a special agent whose mission will be to save the world from a terrorist group. The main character is a strong tank, your task is just to kill everyone around to a single one, not to leave a single enemy alive. From time to time, the function of calling for help will be available to you when you are in a difficult situation.


In one task you will just have to kill all the terrorists on the map, in another you will have to capture the enemy base, in the third you will have to free the hostages.


World of Tanks Blitz for Android has the following characteristics:

  • very captivating with its variety and interesting storyline;
  • most of the missions will be designed for a certain time;
  • In some missions, you will have to hide far in the shadows to track the movement of a dangerous criminal and attack him in time.


The gameplay of the game is very attractive. If in some similar games the main character is thrown somewhere in proud solitude, then here we will have access to a whole arsenal of additional features, including calling a combat platoon for a certain operation. The usual simulator of a sniper game, this toy can not be called. It is a very high-quality shooting game, which we recommend you to try to play. The latest version of the shooting game World of Tanks Blitz download for android.

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