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Character Creator: Block Story 1.7.3

Character Creator: Block Story is a multifunctional character generator for the Block Story game on Android.


The original Block Story project is an interesting mix of an open block world and RPG. The main character will have to get himself weapons and household items and go in search of adventures. There are also Creative and Survival modes, but in any case, all that is available for character customization is a name. This application is struggling with this flaw.


The design of the program is dry and informative. Even the banner at the bottom of the screen does not spoil it, it seems that in this direction everything should be strictly and understandable. The user is presented with a list of the main features of the Persian and an expanded inventory.


Character parameters, available to change:

  • Name;
  • Life;
  • Mana;
  • Spell Points;
  • Damage of all types of weapons (sword, bow, magic);
  • Walking and flying speeds;
  • Endurance;
  • The speed of digging.


Moreover, you can skip the "tutorial" when launching the Charter Criator: The Story Block is very important, because the training in this program is quite long. You can also modify the inventory, namely add a variety of materials and items. The most interesting of them, such as the dragon's heart, the magician's staff or the crystal sword, are very difficult to get when passing. The temptation to "simplify life" a little in the game is incredibly great, but it is not necessary to do this.


The good news is that by creating a Persian for the Android version, it can be easily transferred to B. Story on a PC. The latest version of the game Character Creator: Block Story download for android.

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