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Dungeon Boss 0.5.11797

Dungeon Boss is a role-playing game on Android that deserves attention. It has a rarely seen gameplay and good graphics.


As already mentioned, the graphics are very pretty and of high quality. The eye is pleased with well-animated characters, bright locations and the presence of full-fledged 3D. The audio accompaniment can hardly be called excellent, but it is more or less well chosen and copes with its function.


The project combines the best aspects of genres such as RPG, role-playing games and even strategies. The player is invited to assemble a team of several heroes and use them to go through the entire gameplay. The team can be changed at any time, each warrior individually can be upgraded. The management is implemented perfectly, there are no complaints about it.


The player has his own dungeon – a house where all his treasures are stored. Naturally, other players and bots want to capture them – as a result, one of the main activities becomes the defense of the dwelling and its defenders. The approach is a bit similar to Danger Hunter 5.



  • Flexible system of upgrades and improvements;
  • Tournaments for battles with other players and winning cool rewards;
  • In-game chat;
  • Unique abilities of different warriors;
  • Reinforcement of friends with heroes;
  • Uberland with the best rewards;
  • High-quality "cartoon" graphics;
  • Optimization for non-standard gadgets.


Dangeon The boss looks like a solid and well-coordinated product. The shortcomings of the developers can be counted on the fingers, and, in general, they are not significant. An excellent timekiller and a game for spending from a few minutes to several hours a day. It is installed in one click. The latest version of the arcade Dungeon Boss download for android.

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