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Farm Tractor Simulator 3D 1.6

Farm Tractor Simulator 3D is a full-fledged farming simulator. Despite the name, the matter is not limited to one tractor. Before us is a full-fledged 3D game. The graphics are not bad, the soundtrack is too.

Animation of equipment and other elements at a fairly high level. The management is convenient, but in some moments it would be worth redoing it. So the management of the combine itself can cause minor difficulties. But overall good.

The main goal of the player is to become the coolest farmer in the city, build a huge farm and earn a lot of money. There are all possibilities for this: to grow cereals, sell them on the market and make a profit. It is also worth noting the opportunity to buy land and expand existing plantations, operate with different equipment.


The process of sowing, harvesting and processing grain is shown very realistically. For players who have never encountered this topic, a convenient tutorial is prescribed, following which you can get the first harvest and sell it profitably. Here, every little thing matters: land, equipment, and even the chosen place in the market.


The ZD Farm Simulator has all the main agricultural machines that can be upgraded and improved for the money earned. As a result, it becomes very interesting to play – you can manage the price, change the quality of the final product, equipment and fields.



  • Full-fledged farm simulator;
  • Mass of cars;
  • Good three-dimensional graphics;
  • The smallest details of growing cereals;
  • Three types of grain: wheat, barley and rapeseed;
  • Grain trading system;
  • Purchase of land and equipment.


An interesting game that makes you think and analyze. A high-quality long-playing timekiller that can take dozens of hours of free time. The latest version of the game Farm Tractor Simulator 3D download for android.

Features: 3D

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