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Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights 1.3.6

Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights is a modern PvP strategy toy in Real Time mode. At first glance, the program causes only positive emotions. The graphics are pleasing to the eye, the music range is good. Full 3D animations are well drawn. In general, there are no complaints about the graph and the visual component – everything is high-quality and bright.

The game offers the gamer to build his base with an army of troops and defensive towers. You will have to defend yourself quite often – players like to destroy newcomers. You also need to pump up your army and heroes to attack opponents and complete quests.


I am very pleased with the presence of guilds where players from all over the world can unite according to their interests and help each other. And in general, in Heroes of War: Orcs and Knights, teamwork is not the last thing. Many units and towers complement each other in the fight against the enemy. There are many races of creatures available. Each warrior or hero, as well as the building, can be upgraded and improved.


  • 3D world and great animation;
  • The possibility of building your own base;
  • Each hero has unique features;
  • The ability to fight with opponents around the world;
  • Guilds and Rewards;
  • Battles in Real Time mode.


Despite the many advantages, there are also disadvantages. The latest updates of the game have slightly overwhelmed the game balance. Most likely, the defect will be fixed with the next update. Some descriptions of warriors are not Russified. However, the disadvantages are not critical and are more than covered by the advantages of the project. The installation is standard. The latest version of the strategy Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights download for android.

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