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San Andreas: Real Gangsters 3D 2.4

San Andreas: Real Gangsters 3D is a game in the open world of the city of Angels. An interesting project reminiscent of the GTA series. Only the choice of the city already speaks volumes. The user has an open world with complete freedom of action. You have to go from the very bottom to your own criminal empire.

The graphics are passable, but not striking in quality. But the musical accompaniment on the contrary – immediately makes you feel the spirit of the 80s-90s. The program works smartly, it is clear that the developers have worked hard on optimization. A full set of features is available – from shooting at citizens to car theft. Just like in the well-known analogue, there are police glasses that show how soon a player can be behind bars. Money can be taken away or earned during the game.

There are several dozen different tasks and missions available. Passing them, you can develop the plot – or achieve everything by force and arrogance. Such an interesting scenario allows the program to be much more playable than it might seem at first.


The character can upgrade and become stronger, faster and more resilient. Also an interesting feature that only benefits the game.



  • Simulator of the criminal world;
  • The whole city is at your disposal;
  • Mass of transport (auto, moto);
  • Money can be earned, stolen or taken by force;
  • Character upgrade;
  • Different types of weapons are available;
  • Interaction with the police.


San Andreas: Real Gunsters is trying hard to be a great GTA, only on Android. We must admit that it partially worked out. The project is fascinating and interesting, I want to play more and more. If you do not take into account a few inconspicuous "shoals" and some secondary, then the game deserves the close attention of a wide audience. The installation is standard. The latest version of the shooting game San Andreas: Real Gangsters 3D download for android.

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