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Smash Hit Collider 1.3

Smash Hit Collider is a simple but addictive casual game. For the design, developers can put 5. Everything is very futuristic, bright where necessary, gloomy where necessary. The Sci-fi theme is viewed literally in every element, in every pixel. Music also gives a certain "atmosphere". The graphics are passable, but it could have been better.

The game offers to control a charged particle (collider) and guide it through many kilometers of pipes and obstacles. Often the way is blocked by cutouts in the walls and you need to gather all your dexterity to pass through a narrow gap. Some types of obstacles can be destroyed by shooting at them... probably with photons.


Management is implemented perfectly. The number of false positives is close to zero, and the process itself is intuitive and simple. You can only be angry at yourself for losing a level, well, not at the developers. Unexpectedly for this type of prog, there is a system of achievements. There are only 5 achievements, but perhaps their number will increase in the app updates. This could be a good "chip" for such an interesting project.


Everything is optimized qualitatively, the program does not crash and does not slow down. Even on frankly weak gadgets, the picture is normal and it's quite comfortable to play. Smash Hit Collider is very "sticky" and fascinating. As a timekiller works well, it's nice to take a couple of dozen minutes of free time with it. It is recommended to download as a simple and playable toy. The latest version of the game Smash Hit Collider download for android.

Features: Sensory

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