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All Wiki: Stalker (Rus) 1.2.5

All Wiki: Stalker (Rus) is a knowledge base for all Stalker lovers from GSC Game World. Unique information is now available on any Android device. This application will reveal all the secrets of one of the most popular games in the world and will give a lot of positive emotions.

The interface is made in the best traditions of the atmosphere of all three parts of Stalker. It doesn't matter which one you play: the Shadow of Chernobyl, the Clear Sky or the Call of Pripyat, you can always find interesting and relevant information in the program.


There are many categories: parts, locations, mutants, weapons and others. Everything that could be missed or not understood in the game is collected here. I was especially pleased with the description of the weapon – now it is much easier to determine which type of firearm to use for a particular purpose.



  • The whole trilogy in one application;
  • Multiple search categories;
  • Relevance of the information provided;
  • Plot and gameplay hints;
  • Coordinates of hidden caches and equipment;
  • Life hacks for survival and promotion of the plot (there is even an Oasis location);
  • Description of interaction with groupings;
  • Curious bugs and undocumented features (for example, teleports to the Circus and Pripyat anomaly);
  • Characteristics of artifacts and places of their appearance.


Have you played Stalker? Download the All Wiki: Stalker Rus and go through again with new knowledge! Are you playing? Look for caches in the nearest location. Haven't played yet? Try it out and join the army of millions of fans! The installation of the program is standard. The latest version of the game All Wiki: Stalker (Rus) download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.2.5
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