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Angry Birds Slingshot Stella 1.1.5

Angry Birds Slingshot Stella is another variation on the classic Angry Birds theme on Android. And, admittedly, quite successful. The graphics and animations are classic for this series of games. But the plot and characters have been significantly redesigned, the gameplay has been slightly adjusted, the game has become juicier and more interesting.

In this part, the player is offered six new heroes who are in trouble. They explore their home – the Golden Island, simultaneously preventing the pigs from destroying it and realizing their insidious plans. With the new birds, new abilities have also appeared. After a couple of training levels, it becomes as easy to manage them as the usual heroes of previous games. But in addition to the "shells", the levels have also been updated – they have become bigger and more colorful, thematic locations have appeared. Random level generation is available.

Pigs have stolen the birds' belongings – the player must collect them in a small collection. For the clean passage of the levels, photos of the main characters in various costumes are given out. Videos and cartoons based on the plot are freely available directly from the program. With this approach, the game will bring a lot of positivity to children.



  • More than 120 levels;
  • Generating random locations;
  • Collections of clothes and costumes;
  • Super Pigs;
  • Thematic events;
  • Scanning telepods;
  • A thoughtful story.


The installation is standard. Angri Birds Slideshow Stella is a timekiller game for all kinds of gamers. A great product that will leave few people indifferent. Download it – you won't regret it! The last children's game Angry Birds Slingshot Stella download for android.

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