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Guide for Minecraft Furniture 3.5

Guide for Minecraft Furniture is an Android application that allows you to turn ladies in Minecraft into a work of art. Even users who have never engaged in the "mining craft" start playing after viewing this guide. Many, playing on a PC or Android, travel, fight with each other and bots. But most people like to create their own paradise, build fancy houses and whole cities. It is for such gamers that this program was created.

Attention! This is not a Minecraft game, but a guide to it. It does not affect the gameplay, it describes interesting and original solutions for creating an interior in an understandable form of hints and screenshots.


The application contains dozens of different pieces of furniture and decor. The construction of each is described in great detail, each step has a screenshot. Thanks to this, it is very easy to create even the most intricate designs and implement your ideas. It is now easy and simple to arrange a house to your liking. The hardware assistant Minecraft will allow you to decorate kitchens, living rooms, lawns under the house. It is easy to build a double bed or create a chandelier with it. Now your house will be the most beautiful and functional.


  • Can be used in conjunction with any platforms;
  • Clear guidelines;
  • Informative screenshots;
  • Rich possibilities of home customization;
  • It is very easy to use.


The program interface is intuitive. The installation is standard and not additional files. The program is for users of any age and gender, especially Minecraft lovers. The latest version of the game Guide for Minecraft Furniture download for android.

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