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Knife King2-Shoot Boss 3D 2.7

Knife King2-Shoot Boss 3D is an interesting knife throwing simulator for Android. It will help relieve stress after a hard day. The game has a nice realistic 3D interface. The graphics are not perfect, but it feels like the developers have a sense of humor – everything is comical and fascinating. In this program, you are offered to practice throwing knives. In order to make it more pleasant, the goal will be bottles, fruits and other items ... in your boss's office. Sometimes it is difficult to hit the target and the weapon will definitely hit it.

The animation is great. According to the developers, after being hit, people die each time in their own way. The process is probably scripted, but no obvious repeats could be found. Music should be noted separately – it is good and perfectly emphasizes the entourage of the program. The only thing missing here is a knife shop for customization. Only masks can be purchased for game points.

The installation is classic. A game from the series "for relaxation". The user will either really like it, or it will immediately cause rejection. Overall, a good idea and a passable execution. Small flaws have little effect on excellent dynamics. The latest version of the game Knife King2-Shoot Boss 3D download for android.

Features: 3D Sensory

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