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Megacraft: Block Story World 2.0.0

Megacraft: Block Story World is a new block simulator for the Android system. The world and the main character himself consist of blocks. The game is made in pixel style and will be interesting to fans of the genre. The controls are soundly executed, it is quite convenient to play.

The player can choose several options for the development of events. Or play as a researcher and explore a randomly generated world, or fight enemies and zombies, or build a fortress and engage in a more creative occupation – home improvement. All 3 options are well implemented, and in any case, the gameplay will be exciting and exciting. To adjust the conditions for these lines of behavior, two game modes are provided: survival and creativity.


The mass of objects, landscapes and animals pleases the eye. Due to this, the gamer's possibilities are almost limitless and Megacraft: The Story World Block gets a new development every minute. It's impossible to get bored.


Main Features:

  • Open world;
  • Mass of objects and animals;
  • Two game modes;
  • Opponents: zombies, bandits and predators;
  • Changing the time of day.


In general, the game is sound. It works tolerably well on devices with average performance, but there is a feeling that the program needs to be "finished off" a little for smoother and clearer operation. The installation is standard. The latest version of the game Megacraft: Block Story World download for android.

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