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Cubed Craft: Survival 1.0.28

Cubed Craft Survival is an application very similar to the famous Minecraft. All the same blocks, the possibility of crafting and exploring huge territories. Cubed Craft Survival is designed for mobile devices running on Android and differs from similar games with a new game plot, expanded character capabilities and other features.


You will once again find yourself in a world filled with dangers and adventures. Therefore, the first thing to do is to build a shelter. We extract resources, create tools and build the first hut. After completing the construction process, you can think about starting exploring the surrounding space, only first you need to arm the hero.


Like other Minecraft analog toys, the novelty cannot boast of cutting-edge graphics and an abundance of special effects, but visual design is not the main component of gameplay. The application "weighs" a little and practically does not take up space in the permanent memory of a smartphone, tablet computer, mobile phone. The process of downloading and installing the program on an Android device differs in simplicity.



  • The ability to upgrade a character
  • The presence of rare minerals and ores in the gameplay
  • Construction, crafting, world exploration


The game will appeal to gamers who are interested in the gameplay, players who love to create various objects, travel, fight monsters, show their imagination and imagination. Where should a beginner start? - Go to the forest, chop down trees, make Boards out of them and build a Workbench out of them. In the future, the Workbench can be used to create (crafting) all kinds of objects and tools. You will also need a stove for this. The latest version of the game Cubed Craft: Survival download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.0.28
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