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Ninja Panda Sudoku 1.2.1

Ninja Panda Sudoku is a classic Sudoku in a new format. Ninjas are not those who have only good physical fitness, but those who also know how to think! This game will help you develop your thinking. You can play on one of the fields: 6x6, 9x9, 12x12, on which field to start playing – it's up to you. In addition, there are a number of levels (tests) for each field, from the easiest to the heaviest.

Take a look at the table of records, find out who has overtaken you on the current test, and try to overtake him! Points are awarded according to a simple scheme: in each level, the initial multiplier number is given. The number you guessed is multiplied by this multiplier and added to the total number of points for this level. Come up with your strategy and score more points! Try not to make mistakes, the multiplier will decrease for each mistake. After a certain time, the multiplier will also decrease. Use the hints if you don't know what number should be in the cell. Hints can always be obtained for free!


The game will appeal to fans of puzzles with good drawing. Pass all the tests and become a real ninja together with a charming panda! The latest version of the game Ninja Panda Sudoku download for android.

Features: HD Donat

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