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GTA: San Andreas Cheater 2.3

GTA: San Andreas Cheater 2.3 is a pack of cheats for GTA fans on an Android smartphone. The design and interface are pleasing to the eye and easy to use. In fact, the program consists of a couple of pages with options and triggers of the game. The GTA series boasts millions of fans, and the mobile sequel does not lag behind the PC version. Many have already tried their hand at GTA: San Andreas prog for Android, but it is difficult to fully feel all the charms of the free world without using cheat codes. They are designed to “make life easier” for players. With the GTA: San Andreas Cheat 2.3 program, the user will receive the most popular improvements and features tested by an army of gamers on the desktop version.

In addition to standard cheats, such as money, speed, HP, protection, other, more interesting ones have been added. Here are the main ones:

  • Attractiveness;
  • Muscle strength;
  • Fat;
  • Respect;
  • Endurance;
  • Weapon Kits (all kits become available by clicking on the weapons icon in the game);
  • Vehicles (tank, helicopter, supercars and much more). She appears outside CJ's house after his first visit to the garage.


There is no need to perform any manipulation with the cache for installation. Everything is extremely simple. First in the original game you need to save. Do it at CJ's house, but do not rewrite the save, but use the free slot. Go to the program for cheats. Select and adjust everything you need and specify the same slot in which you saved. Log into the game, download from a specially created slot and enjoy. The cheat does not cause bugs or toy crashes. It can be recommended to absolutely all fans of the Great Car Thief and those who want to make the gaming process easier and carefree. The latest version of the game GTA: San Andreas Cheater download for android.

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