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Heroes of Might and Magic III HD

Heroes of Might and Magic III HD have waited! Finally, the long-awaited porting of Heroes to the Android system has been released, and even in HD quality! Fans have been waiting for this for years... and now it has happened. Your favorite Hero is always with you, at university or school, at work or on a trip. The schedule should be discussed separately. Those who expected something completely new may be somewhat disappointed, because no drastic changes have occurred with the textures. Yes, they are redrawn, but there are no striking differences. In any case, everything else remained the same as many years ago – the developers did not dare to encroach on the interface.

The player, as usual, gets at the disposal of the hero and the city. Capturing the whole world and pulverizing opponents is the goal of the most popular turn–based strategy game in the world. The number of cities, heroes and their characteristics remained unchanged. PvP mode is expected to be implemented in the upcoming updates. Also, the random card generation function may become available. For now, players are content with campaigns and playing against AI.

Spells and artifacts have not changed either. In general, these are all the same Heroes who came out many years ago. Connoisseurs and oldfags will be incredibly happy. The control in Heroes of Might and Magic III HD was sharpened for multitouch, but it's difficult to call it perfect. If we recall the classic Heroes and their work on a PC with touch screens, then the control was perfect there, no more than 1-2 erroneous clicks for the whole game. Here, the developers have clearly been wise, since everything is a little more complicated and sadder. But, in principle, it will do.


  • New textures for high resolution;
  • Canonical gameplay;
  • The same factions and castles, heroes and artifacts;
  • Easy and fast installation;
  • Original audio accompaniment;
  • The original game is always with you;
  • Conditionally good optimization.



  • Weighs more than the desktop version;
  • Management still needs to be finalized;
  • There is no PvP and no map generator;


Optimization is called "conditionally" good because of its almost complete identity with the original source, but the system requirements of the new version exceed the original ones at times. Recall that a 400 Mhz processor and 8Mb video memory were required.All the disadvantages pale before the advantages and the project itself. Everyone should join the classics – after all, one of the most popular games in the world has been reborn in a new image. The latest version of the strategy Heroes of Might and Magic III HD download for android.

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