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OMG: TD! 1.2.2

OMG: TD! is an Android game that offers to become the leader of a large, strong and powerful army of Greek gods. If you want to find a similar application, you will only waste time. After all, only here is such a fascinating plot, cartoon animation and witty humor.



  • you will have 9 gods endowed with unique abilities at your disposal;
  • there are boss battles;
  • 3 exciting worlds;
  • impressive bright and unusual graphics.


Take full responsibility for the defense of the tower, prepare the divine army for a heavy battle using exploding sheep. The enemies will be strong Titans and soldiers. OMG: TD is designed for players of any gender, age, because the main thing is to have an Android–based device. It will attract those who are interested in the history of the Ancient World, in particular, Greece.


When installing the game, sometimes there are problems - it can fly off. The reason for this may lie in the lack of free space on the device. Delete the files that you don't need, and the problem will be fixed.


Frequently Asked Questions

The game has stopped running, the company logo appears, followed by a gray screen. How can this be eliminated?

  • To solve the problem, take a screenshot of the screen and send it along with a detailed description of the problem to the developers.
  • The latest version of the strategy OMG: TD! download for android.
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