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    2.1 and higher
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    Made in Future
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Smash Ball 2D 2.1

Smash Ball 2D for Android is a game for a weak tablet or smartphone, it will help pass the time, cheer up on the way home or to work. It is called the continuation of Smash Hit.



  • mobility;
  • original musical accompaniment for each level;
  • unique graphics and mechanics, impressive realism.


Mixed Ball 2D will definitely impress everyone who prefers simple, but fast-paced games, it is often played by teenagers from 12 years old and adults. It is unlikely to impress gamers who prefer more difficult tasks. Its strengths are trouble-free operation on weak android devices.


Questions that players often ask

Advertising is bothering me. How can it be disabled?

  • Disconnect the internet connection before starting it.
  • The latest version of the arcade Smash Ball 2D download for android.

Download Smash Ball 2D on android

  • Game version: 2.1
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