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Cheat Guides: Fallout Shelter 1.0

Cheat Guides: Fallout Shelter for Android is a cheat for a popular mobile toy that will make you a better player and allow you to get additional features. There are many similar utilities, but the difference between this one is the ability to set the direction for further actions.



  • get the opportunity to quickly achieve your goal;
  • modernization;
  • the right choice of the direction of further development;
  • you will be able to quickly find a way out when the raiders attack.


Cheat Guides: Fallout Shelter is better to install on a mobile device if you are a fan of this game. However, this application is unlikely to help experienced players with anything. Many Android users cannot immediately figure out the functionality of the utility, because it is not completely understandable and inconvenient


Questions that often arise

I want to increase the level of happiness in the shelter, how to do it?

  • To provide the necessary level of food, water supplies, and you can also distribute weapons to all residents to protect their shelter.

Can I use this program to earn some money?

  • Yes, because thanks to her you will be able to pass tasks with "excellent".
  • The latest version of the game Cheat Guides: Fallout Shelter download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.0
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