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Card Wars - Adventure Time

Card Wars Adventure Time is a new version of the popular game created based on the storyline of the well-known animated series. Spells, powerful monsters, exciting battles and real wars are waiting for owners of Android devices! In comparison with the previously presented versions, the new Card Wars Adventuretime has noticeably improved the graphics and acquired a number of additional features.


The gameplay is original and consists in the fact that you have to take part in exciting card battles. At the beginning of the battle, participants are dealt six cards each. Each of them symbolizes a certain creature, building or magic potion.


Creature Cards are the main fighting force and are capable of dealing damage to enemy heroes and creatures. Spell cards are auxiliary, but greatly facilitate the gameplay. Maps with Buildings also play a supporting role, are used once and give the Heroes a variety of bonuses.



  • There are new types of Creatures and Buildings in the game
  • An indicator has appeared in the gameplay that allows you to see which cards a gamer can get at a node
  • New game locations and characters


The interface has a colorful design, stylized under the graphics of the cartoon of the same name. Management is extremely simple and does not require deep knowledge from the Android device user. The installation of the application is automated and will not cause any difficulties. The game will appeal to fans of the TV series "Adventure Time", gamers who appreciate strategic games, owners of tablets and smartphones who want to have an interesting time.


What does Floop mean? - This is an ability of a certain card, activating this ability requires from 1 to 3 magic points. What does the Redeem code mean? - These are codes that allow you to receive free cards, entered in the settings. The latest version of the logic game Card Wars - Adventure Time download for android.

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